Comprehensive Business Development Services

The business development team at Evergreen Consulting Services helps your business work directly with customers to establish rapport, develop new business relationships, and increase sales. Our business development services are carefully designed to directly interact with your clientele — establishing business relationships that ensure the continued prosperity of your organization.

Our unique insights, fresh perspectives, and marketing strategies are tailor-made to help your business succeed. We focus on improving your overall performance to increase the bottom line, ultimately implementing sales and marketing strategies aimed to facilitate growth.


Cultivating Business Growth

When working with Evergreen Consulting Services, your business development initiatives will encompass a thoughtful, well-planned approach for the continued success and growth of your company. We will outline sales strategies, identify untapped markets, and provide tools to help strengthen business relationships. Our methods are proven and effective by cultivating trusted relationships for long-term success. When you work with our professionals, you can expect the following:

  • Identify New Business Development and Sales Opportunities
  • Develop and Implement Sustainable Growth Practices
  • Outline Business Development Strategies for Short- and Long-Range Growth
  • Coach and Encourage Sales & Marketing Teams To Cultivate, Establish, and Maintain New Business Relationships
  • Conceptualize, Develop, and Implement Sales and Marketing Programs
  • Coach and Assist Sales Teams In Proposal Development and Presentation Preparation
  • Sales Process Implementation and Sales Pipeline Management Through CRM Programs
  • Facilitate Leadership Development and Training Programs

Marketing Strategy Development

Strategic alignment is matching up your marketing strategy to your tactics and business activities. As we outline your marketing strategy and plans, we will develop tactics and an implementation program to make it all happen. Expect the following from our professionals when it comes to developing marketing strategies:

  • Focused Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking
  • Uncovering and Penetrating New Markets
  • Market Research, SWOT Analysis, and Recommendations
  • Branding, Market Positioning Strategies & Tactics
  • A Collaborative Approach for Sustainable Growth

Marketing Communications

A marketing communication strategy is meant to inform, remind, and persuade target audiences. Your marketing message should tell a compelling story about your business, and communicate the benefits of doing business with you! We can assist you with the following:

  • Reach Your Target Audience
  • Develop Clear and Concise Key Messaging Strategies for Business Communication, Sales and Marketing Literature, Website and Social Media platforms
  • Develop the Voice Of Your Brand, and Combine It With Compelling Visual Presentations
  • Spearhead and Manage Website and Graphic Design Projects

Your Brand is Everything About You

A logo, company name, and advertising all tell a story about your company; but ultimately, your brand is who you are, and what your customers think of you. Your brand resides in the mind of the customer. Experienced in market positioning strategies and brand management, we can develop branding strategies that ultimately creates a compelling voice and visual representation of your business.